Anyone, no matter the country of origin, can study in Greece.

It is required to obtain a VISA, residence permission, and in case you do not speak Greek you will need to spend 8 months in Greece to learn the language and pass the corresponding examinations. We can help you with any of these procedures. More details about the learning of the Greek language can be obtained here.

The cost of the lessons is about 500 euro. And it is required to pass a test in the end certifying the adequate level of your Greek.
There are no university fees for the undergraduate programs neither any cost for subscription. Books are also provided for free.
All the undergraduate programs lessons are taught in Greek. But there are some post-graduate and master programs which are taught in the English language, either fully or partially.
Once you become a student, you are granted free restauration and in some cases free housing, granted by the state.
You complete a list with your top 20 choices of university departments and the ministry of education according to the competition for this particular department. We can help with this procedure once the time comes!
No you will to contact the university specific master you want to go. In most cases the master’s degree requires fees.
The rent of a house varies from 150-300 euro and the general expenses from 250 to 500 euro, depending on your needs and your life style. But in general Greece is one of the cheapest destinations in the European Union. Sometimes 2 or 3 students may share a house, reducing costs.
The state permits you to work only as part-time during your studies.
Yes, once a student you are granted medical insurance by the state, but for the first 8 months (Greek language study) you will need to go for a private company (the average cost is 130 euro/year).