Student Health Care Services

All undergraduate and postgraduate students of Higher Education Institutions, including PhD candidates, are provided with free of charge hospital and medical health care services (Government Gazette 117/7-9-83 issue A’). Health care services include medical, hospital and paraclinical examinations, medication prescriptions, childbirth, physiotherapy, dental care, and orthopedic aids. Students are provided with medical care in public hospitals or in Universities Clinics and with dental care services in the laboratories of the Faculty of Dentistry of the Universities and in public hospitals having a dental department. Students who want to receive free medical care must possess their personal health insurance booklet which is issued upon registration to the University and it is renewed every year by the secretary of their department.




Medical Services/Pharmacies

Hospitals: Accident and emergency treatment is available 24 hours per day at duty hospitals Pharmacists dispense a wide range of medicines. A schedule of after-hours pharmacies is posted on pharmacy doors and published daily in the press or the internet.



There are no required inoculations for Greece and the water is safe almost everywhere


According to the law which is in force since September 2010, smoking and consumption of tobacco is not allowed in all working places, transportation stations, in taxis and other means of public transportation. Smoking is also not allowed in all enclosed public places, including restaurants, night clubs, etc., without any exception. Fines for violating the law range from 50 to 500 Euros and there are also fines for the working places and companies that violate the law.

However, the law is not strictly implemented and smoking is permitted in many public places in Greece, especially restaurants, night clubs, etc., ignoring the posted signage indicating smoking ban legislation.

In Athens International Airport smoking is permitted only in the special separated smoking booths equipped with separate ventilation systems and air filters. No smoking booths have been installed yet in the rest of the Greek airports and smoking is not allowed inside terminal buildings.


Greece is among the countries having the strictest drug laws in Europe. Thus drug usage is not advisable, including lighter substances like marijuana. Furthermore, such a behavior is strongly rejected by locals and will almost certainly cause someone call the Police and have you arrested. Note that even a very small quantity is enough to get you in serious trouble as Greek law makes almost no distinction between use, possession, and trafficking. Don't even think of offering even the smallest amount of drug to someone else. Undercover cops abound and once caught you are certain to being prosecuted with charges of drug dealing, leading to several years of imprisonment!


Greece is a relatively safe and friendly country and most of the people you interact with will be honest and helpful. Violent crime and theft rates are very low but you have to look after yourself and take care of your personal belongings. Organized criminal activity does exists in the major Greek cities, however with no risk to tourists and international students.