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Master’s Degree in International Public Administration

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The Department of International and European Studies invites applications for its course of studies leading to a Master’s Degree in International Public Administration. The aim of this course is to provide students, armed forces personnel, employees in the public and private sector as well as people considering a career change, with an education that will prepare them for employment in International Organizations, the Diplomatic Service or in positions where knowledge of the International System and its functions is an asset. The course consists of three semesters, two of which require class attendance, while the third is dedicated to the writing of a dissertation. During the third semester students are not required to reside in Thessaloniki Accommodation is not provided but students can access the program’s website for recommendations. Meals can be purchased at moderate prices in the school cafeteria.

Structure: 90 ECTS: 10 courses + Dissertation.All subjects are mandatory. The language of instruction is English.
Subjects taught are as follows:

First Semester

  • International Relations Theory/ International Public Governance
  • Diplomacy and Global Governance
  • Principles of Public Administration
  • International Law
  • The International Economic System and its Institutions

Second Semester

  • Decision Making and Mediation
  • International History and the International System
  • European Union Government and Politics
  • International Human Resources Development
  • Armed Conflict: Theory and Law

Third Semester
All subjects are mandatory.
An additional optional subject for the second semester “Strategic Management in Public Organizations” is under consideration.
Faculty members include Dr Ilias Kouskouvelis, Dr Theodosios Karvounarakis, Dr Christos Nikas, Dr Dimitrios Skiadas, Dr Spyridon Litsas, Dr Maria Rammata, Dr Kalliopi Chainoglou. Information on the instructors’ educational background and academic record can be found at the Programme’s website (www.mipa.uom.gr).

Admission prerequisites
Applicants must be University graduates. Holders of non Greek University degrees must have their degrees recognized by the Greek authorities (Hellenic National Academic Recognition Information Center “DOATAP”). Please visit the DOATAP
website (http://www.doatap.gr/en/) for detailed information. Additional qualifications, such as job experience or
additional languages and degrees, although not required, will be taken into consideration

Language competence:
Very good knowledge of the English language is required certified by Cambridge or Michigan Proficiency or English speaking university degree or by a minimum TOEFL score of 79 (Computer based) or 213 (Internet based) or by a minimum IELTS score of 6.5.
Language of instruction: English
Admission procedure
Evaluation of application file
Skype interview
Maximum number of students: 35
Tuition fees: 3690€
Additional Information: http://mipa.uom.gr/index.html


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