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MSc "Sustainable Tourism Development: Cultural Heritage, Environment, Society"

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The Departments of “Home Economics and Ecology”, “Geography” and “Informatics and Telematics” of Harokopio University, the “Department of Business Administration” of the University of the Aegean and the «Institute de Researche et d’ Études Supérieures du Tourisme» of Paris I – Panthéon Sorbonne (IREST) University, according to the Assemby’s decision (94/19-07-2018) of the Department of Home Economics and Ecology to the provisions Of the article 34 of the Law 4485/2017, has decided and they invite the interested parties from 20.08.2018 up to 07.09.2018 to apply for a total of sixty (60) postgraduate students in the International Master Program (MSc) entitled "Sustainable Tourism Development: Cultural Heritage, Environment, Society".

The program focuses on the provision of high-level qualifications for professions related to Sustainable Tourism Development and Interpretation and Management of Cultural Heritage. The subject of the Master's program is the provision of specialized studies in the scientific field of Sustainable Tourism Development through the cultural heritage. In particular, it aims at the specialized training of postgraduate students in subjects related to:

✓ The Sustainable Development of Tourism
✓ The Cultural and Tourism Connection Fields
✓ Cultural Tourism
✓ Management and Marketing of Cultural Heritage
✓ Development and Management of Tourist Destinations
✓ The Economy of Tourism
✓ Environment Protection in Tourist Areas

The Master's program is a full-time course of 12 months. It consists of two intensive semesters during which theoretical and seminar courses and lectures covering the wide range of Tourism Management and Cultural Heritage are taking place. The program is completed through practical training and diploma thesis. The program’s professors come from all three Universities. All coursesare taught in English and are held at Harokopio University.

Practical Training:
Practical training is compulsory and can be held in any country, after the approval by the Administrative Committee of the MSc Program.

Target Groups of applicants:
In this Master’s program may apply graduates from all Greek Universities’ departments, graduates from foreign Universities or equivalent recognized foreign institutions, as well as graduates of the Greek Technical Institutions. Additionally, students of the Greek Universities are admitted under the condition that they have fulfilled their obligations and will have submitted a certificate either after the deadline for submitting the supporting documents, or at least until the date of their registration.

Applicants Selection Process:
The applicants’ selection process takes place through:
a. Application Folder
b. Personal interview and
c. Knowledge level of the English language.

Candidates are pre-selected on the basis of the application folder based on criteria such as the degree grade, the level of English language knowledge, the possession of other postgraduate degrees, the professional and research experience, the publications in scientific journals and in conferences. Any interested person will have to submit the application and the file with its supporting documents to the Secretariat of the Master’s Program, within the time limits laid down in the call. Candidates who will be pre-selected will be interviewed. Upon completion of the interview process, the final candidates to be admitted to the Master’s Program will be selected.


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