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Protomagia-May Day/ Labour Day in Greece

Today is the first day of May known also as Labour Day or as we say here in Greece ‘’Protomagia’’.
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Summer Schools of the University of the Aegean 2017

Research and education tightly interlinked: A sunny learning experience @ Greek Islands!
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Easter in Corfu - Throwing Pots from Balconies

Celebration of Easter in Corfu is a unique experience! Don't miss it!
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Greek Orthodox Easter (The Traditions and Foods)

Do you ever hear the words epitafios, mayiritsa soup, "Christos Anesti", "Alithos Anesti", tsoureki..?
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Thinking of a Greek smart city? Think of Trikala!

Key smart sectors include: Transport, Energy, Health Care, culture, tourism and e-government
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What do you know about Easter in Greece?

Are you in Greece this period? Here are some information good to know...
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Athens: UNESCO World Book Capital 2018

Athens named UNESCO World Book Capital for 2018
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April Fools' Day & Tradition in Greece

April fools’ day is celebrated in Greece as in other countries around the world ...
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25th March National Holiday in Greece

What is the 25th March National Holiday in Greece about?
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Ancient Greece is not just ancient history

5 Things That Ancient Greece Has Contributed to Modern Culture
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