>> SiGer: Study in Greece volunteer <<


We are looking for domestic and international volunteers to join the "Study in Greece" team and work with us. You will have the opportunity to work, on a part time basis and according to your availability, with other young people on the design and implementation of the "Study in Greece" international projects. You will get all recommendation you may need in the future for your participation and a share of the funding, every time there is one! And a lot of fun!

We are currently interested for SiGers that have a knowledge of digital marketing, with an international perspective, as well as developers. If you want to practice your journalist skills and contribute with your posts this is the right place for you! Moreover, if have any other skill or ideas we will be happy to share it with us!

If you are interested, please send a short CV and a picture of you to the info@studyingreece.edu.gr, with the subject: SiGer.



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