Benefits for Greek Academic ID Holders

All higher education students in Greece have a student ID. So, are you an international student in Greece and you do not know what privileges you have with the student ID? Here are some of the offers and discounts that give you the opportunity to benefit from the academic identity!


Students that hold the Academic Identity marked with the sign “Release Ticket” pay:

  • 50% of the normal fare on all routes of the cities where the Faculty is based, mainly lines and routes that are served by intercity buses AE or buses. 
  • 50% of the normal fare on road intercity routes between their place of residence and their city-based faculty and vice versa. 
  • a 25% discount of the normal ticket price in all other local and long distance transport of the country 
  • a 25% discount if they want to travel by train (OSE). 
  • At least 25% discount on ferry tickets (on the normal price).
  • the known reduced ticket. If you live in Athens or you are a student from the province in Athens, then you have the right to use this type of ticket in all the public transport of Athens. The cost is € 0.60. More on the OASA website.

Contact - mobilephone

You may have a lot of free time when you are a student, but regarding the communication, SMS and MBs are never enoughfor you. When you are a student in Greece and hold an academic ID, you will enjoy many offers and discounts from the phone companies.

Student Refrectories

Higher education institutes have refrectories and dining rooms, offering meals to their students. For students who meet certain criteria like low income, international students holding a scholarship, etc., food if offered for free, while for the rest is offered at a very low price. For more information students can visit the website of their faculty and find more information, at the section of student welfare).

Cinemas & Theaters

Students are automatically eligible to receive a discount on most normal ticketsjust by showing their academic ID at the ticket offices of theaters and cinemas. The exact price is predetermined by each cinema or theater.

Museums & Archaeological Sites

If you are a student in Greece, then you can discover how fascinating and interesting past this country had. Historical monuments in Greece and the Greek islands date from all time periods, from the Mycenaean and the Classical times till the Medieval and Modern Era. Museums and archaeological sites across Greece provide usually free or reduced admission for all students.


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