National Library of Greece

The National Library of Greece has its headquarters of the building of “The Athenian Trilogy” in the heart of Athens, to be more precise, Penepistimiou 32 (just outside the metro station of Panepistimiou). The library maintains a large collection of records, historical documents, manuscripts and provides bibliographic services. The new building for the National Library of Greece (NLG) will be located at the Niarxos Foundation and will modernize an institution founded in 1832, allowing it to strengthen its research role while expanding, at the same time, its focus from an exclusive research facility to an all-inclusive public resource. In its new and enlarged role, the Library will support patrons of all ages and education—from academic researchers to children and young adults destined to become the next generation of users. The nearly 22,000 m2 (235,000 sq. ft.) state-of-the-art building combines traditional with technological innovation, conservation with information and communication.

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Central Library of the Municipality of Athens

One of the oldest libraries of the city. It includes rare material from 55,000 titles and a newspaper archive, as well as magazines from 1863 until today. It also includes a children's section and Music Library.

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Piraeus Municipal Library

Rich in encyclopedic and literary material. On the third floor, you can find the reading room of 35 seats, a real bookworm sanctuary. There is also a magazine archive, old manuscripts and documents.

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Libraries of Institutions and Foundations

Library of Athens Concert Hall

The Music Library of Greece "Lilian Voudouri" was created by the “Friends of Music Association” in order to provide scientific information in the field of music to visitors and also for remote users. The library material focuses on Western music, and as far as the Greek Music is concerned, the library covers ancient, byzantine, rebetika, and folk music. The collection is completed with music of traditional cultures around the world and also jazz music. The cultural action of the Library is very rich and includes, events such as concerts, children's events etc. Metro Station “Megaron Mousikis” (Line 3).

Library of the Hellenic Parliament

The Library consists of three annexes (Central, Benakeios and City Library). The libraries are a real treasure for those who investigate issues of political, legal, parliamentary nature. The libraries are available not only to the parliament members, but also the crowd. The Central Library is located at the Palace of the Parliament (Syntagma Station for buses, metro, tram).

Library of Universities

Every University has one or more Libraries in order to for someone to study. If you are interested to study in a Greek university, please visit their site to find out more about their library infrastructure.

Other Libraries

  • Benakeios Library 
  • Gennadius Library 
  • ASFA Library (Athens School of Fine Arts) 
  • Greek Literary and Historical Archive of MIET (Educational Foundation of the National Bank) 
  • Library of the Technical Chamber of Greece
  • Eugenides Foundation Library 
  • Library of Cervantes Institute 
  • Goethe Institute Library

Alternative libraries

  • Comics Library 
  • Exchange Library 
  • Human Library

More Libraries from Greece will be added soon.


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